Visual Poetry

Barbara O'Connelly

There Were Dreams [PDF, 20.4mb], 1967.

The second series of [bpNichol's] grOnk was begun in September 1968 and the issues for this series were published irregularly. The fourth issue of the second series features Barbara O'Connelly's There Were Dreams. The cover is a sheet of 17 x 22" cream card-stock folded in half; inside are seven individual sheets of cream 8.5 x 11 paper stapled together. Curiously: while the first couple issues of the series were published in 1968, this work by Connelly was printed at Ganglia Press in July 1967. There Were Dreams is a lovely exploration of concrete poetry as a hand-drawn, hand-written art that's resolutely not of the machinic.
-- Lori Emerson