Visual Poetry

Judith Copithorne

Release [PDF, 19.5mb], Bau-Xi Gallery, February 1969.
Runes [PDF, 48.2mb], Toronto & Vancouver: Coach House Press & Intermedia Press, 1971.
horizon [PDF, 2.5mb], Toronto: Pangen Subway Ritual, 1992.
Prism [PDF, 11.8mb], 2005.

An important voice in Canadian concrete poetry, Judith Copithorne has been actively publishing since the 1960s. 1 cent #400 contains an extensive bibliography (available from Room 302 Books: #302, 880 Somerset W., Ottawa, ON, Canada K1K 6R7). Copithorne works in both visual and discursive poetry. In addition to the work below, selected titles include:
Returning. North Vancouver, Returning Press, 1965.
Rain. Toronto, Ganglia Press, 1969.
Miss Tree's Pillow Book. Vancouver, Intermedia Press & Returning Press, 1971.
Until Now. Vancouver, HeShe&ItWorks, 1971.
Arrangements. Vancouver, Intermedia Press, 1973.
A Light Character. Toronto, Coach House Books, 1985.
Tern. Vancouver, Returning Press, 2000.