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Cruise of the Pnyx
Robert Kelly

40 Pages

Originally published in 1979, Cruise of the Pnyx predates Kelly's several books of short fictions—four volumes appeared between 1985 and 1994—and yet shares many affinities with those and his novel The Scorpions (1969), building their rich atmospheres through the careful accumulation of details, and largely concerned with investigating alternative currents of being that never depart wholly from what one might witness in "real life." Written in three distinct forms—left-justified verse, full-justified prose and a right-justified "between-rider, or transitional grade between poetry and prose... a prose song"—Pnyx shares affinities with Pound's Cantos and with "global" novels such as Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow or V, all three works of which seem to occupy a still place—a Lethean "cruise"—in the center of a vortex of the detritus of culture. The present edition represents the 46 pages of the publication with a one-to-one correspondence, preserving the many interplays that occur from the left to right pages between writing styles.