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Appendices, Illustrations & Notes (1999)
Terence Gower & Mónica de la Torre

53 Pages

This surreal and funny artist's book is a collaboration between conceptual artist Terence Gower and writer Mónica de la Torre, who have created an anthology of meaningless book-marketing blurbs, reviews of dubious exhibitions, evil-spirited notes by editors, and obsessional letters addressed to a psychiatrist. Presented as an appendix of ancillary material to a fictitious book, the texts take referentiality to a level of Borgesian absurdity. The humor is dry and understated, and it is only upon rereading that the uncanny thread uniting the seemingly found and disjointed fragments becomes apparent. For anyone whose day-to-day encounters with discourse include texts riddled with jargon and psychoanalytical babble, Appendices, Illustrations & Notes offers the opportunity for sweet revenge.