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Edited by Danny Snelson & Kenneth Goldsmith

Bruce Andrews Divestiture - A (1994)

Bruce Andrews WhDiP, a sequence from White Dialect Poetry 445pp (PDF, 825k)*

Bruce Andrews Libretto from White Dialect Poetry 166pp (PDF, 476k)*

Mary Jo Bang By M 4pp (PDF, 8.2mb)*

Erik Belgum THE_CITY Battery: a Neurological Evaluation of THE_CITY 50pp (2009) [PDF, 344k]

Steve Benson The Ball // 30 Times in 2 Days (2005)

Caroline Bergvall Eclat

Charles Bernstein Three Poems 8pp (PDF, 230k)*

Maurice Blanchot The Last Man (1957)

Christian Bjoljahn & Martin Johs. Møller Flytning 137pp (2009) [PDF, 5.3mb]*

Christian Bök The Xenotext Experiment 11pp (PDF, 220k)*

Mairéad Byrne SOS Poetry (2007)

Mairéad Byrne Example As Figure 41pp (PDF, 452)*

Barbara Cole Situation Comedies: Foxy Moron

Jon Cotner & Andy Fitch from Conversations Over Stolen Food 66pp (PDF, 364k)*

Claude Closky Laying Down 15pp (PDF, 24k)*

Claude Closky Couché sur le ventre 15pp (PDF, 24k)*

Jean Day Linear C & The I and the You

Kevin Davies Pause Button

Brian J. Davis Voice Over 23pp (PDF, 212k)

Tim Davis Sweet Little Racist Landscape Suite 7pp (PDF, 12.4mb)*

Stephen DIrle Onan The Illierate 1080pp (PDF, 3.8mb)*

Jamba Dunn American Dust 124pp (PDF, 588k)*

Craig Dworkin Smokes

Craig Dworkin Maps 8pp (PDF, 156k)*

Deanna Ferguson Rough Bush and Other Poems

Deanna Ferguson The Relative Minor

Robert Fitterman This Window Makes Me Feel

Robert Fitterman Hi My Name Is: A Libretto 21pp (PDF, 120k)*

Richard Foreman Now That Communism is Dead My Life Feels Empty

Steve Giasson II 2493pp [PDF, 14.5mb]*

Kenneth Goldsmith All The Numbers From Numbers 22pp (PDF, 177k)*

Anna Gray & Ryan Wilson Paulsen One-Way Street: An Index 55pp (2009) [PDF, 312k]*

Jessica Grim Vexed

Dick Higgins Horizons (1984)

Toadex Hobgrammathon Name, A Novel

Tom Johnson The Voice of New Music (1972-1982) 294pp (PDF, 7.8mb)*

Robert Kelly Cruise of the Pnyx

Madelyn Kent São Paolo

George Kuchar The Kiss of Frankenstein 27pp (PDF, 296k)*

Aaron Kunin The Mauberley Series

Alan Licht Spring Without Alan Licht 20pp (PDF, 220k)*

Franck Leibovici "9+11" 136pp (2005) [PDF, 11.5mb]*

Ira Lightman Trancelated (from Coinsides)

Tan Lin BIB. 269pp (PDF, 956k)*

Peter Manson English in Mallarmé 88pp (PDF, 684k)*

Michel Melamed Regurgitofagia 18pp (PDF, 1mb)*

Nicholas Moore Spleen: Thirty-one versions of Baudelaire's Je suis comme le roi...

Gustave Morin Spaghetti Dreadful (trailer for A Penny Dreadful)

Simon Morris An Intolerable Piece of Writing: Pedagogy as Performed Absence 90pp (PDF, 396k)*

Bernard Nöel The Outrage Against Words (1978)

Eiríkur Örn Nordahl Hemd stafakarlanna, 1.hluti 2pp (PDF, 11.6mb)*

Doug Nufer Rumor 21pp (PDF, 244k)*

Hans Ulrich Obrist & Rirkrit Tiravanija Hurricane 7pp (2008) [PDF, 212k]*

Mark Peters Men 205pp (PDF, 996k)

Larry Price Circadium

Stephen Ratcliffe Human / Nature 1003pp (PDF, 1.1mb)*

Stephen Ratcliffe Cloud / Ridge 479pp (PDF, 656k)*

Kimberly J. Rosenfield The Unsurpassed Joy 53pp (PDF, 272k)*

Carlos Rowles The History 218pp [PDF, 11mb]*

Raphael Rubinstein Through a Blue Field 10pp (PDF, 188k)*

Severo Sarduy Big Bang (1973)

Michael Scharf Vérité

Michael Scharf Selected Criticism, Jeffery Jullich 252pp (PDF, 2.3mb)*

Joachim Georg Schmitt ingredients 22pp [PDF, 280k]*

Martin Glaz Serup The Field 100pp [PDF, 296k]*

Lytle Shaw Low-Level Bureaucratic Structures / Principles of the Emeryville Shellmound

Ara Shirinyan Speech Genres 1-2 294pp (PDF, 7.8mb)*

Jeremy Sigler Math 34pp (PDF, 3mb)*

Ron Silliman The Chinese Notebook

Ron Sillman 2197

Ron Sillman Sunset Debris

Claude Simon Properties of Several Geometric or Non-Geometric Figures (1971)

Casey Smith Opulent Stone Mocassins 270pp [PDF, 1.2mb]*

Juliana Spahr Response

Mónica de la Torre Overkill: First English Poems (1993-1995) 16pp (PDF, 188k)*

Ryan Trecartin K-CoreaINC.K (Section A) 41pp (2009) [PDF, 184k]*

Rosemarie Waldrop Shorter American Memory (1988)

Hannah Weiner Little Books / Indians

Mac Wellman The Lesser Magoo

Darren Wershler-Henry The Tapeworm Foundry

Robert Wilson A Letter For Queen Victoria: An Opera (1974)

(* connotes that title is part of Publishing The Unpublishable Series)

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