John Zorn (b. 1953)

Various Tracks

  1. Improvisation

    Ikue Mori - drums, John Zorn - reeds and game calls, Lindsay Cooper - sax and electric bassoon, Fred Frith - electric guitar etc [8:31], Excerpt from The Stephanie and Irving Stone Festival of Improvisors recorded at Roulette, NYC on November 8, 9, and 10, 1985.
    From Tellus #15: The Improvisors (1986)

  2. John Zorn – Verlaine: Part 2 La Bleue 5:57
    From Caged/Uncaged - A Rock/Experimental Homage To John Cage (1993)

A Visit With John Zorn (June 19, 1987)

John Zorn and Larry Ochs join Charles Amirkhanian to discuss and play a selection of Zorn’s compositions. Among the pieces heard is an excerpt from “Spillane” in which Zorn tries to capture some of the film noir sensibility that imbues the Mickey Spillane novels and the gritty New York City in which they are based, and which Zorn calls home. This is followed by a couple of excerpts from Zorn’s collaborative improvisational work “Cobra” for which he created a number of general rules which are then used by a group of talented musicians to create an ever changing kaleidoscope of sound events. Also included in this program is a portion of “Hu-Die”, a piece named for and inspired by the great Cantonese actress from the 1930s, as well as a recording of the well-known tabla player, Zakir Hussain.

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