Gregory Whitehead

1. If a Voice Like, Then What?

1984, voice cut-up, Tellus cassette, 2:48, why talk is a struggle

2. What Words Want

1984, voice cut-up, various compilations, 4:19, lumen de lumenes

3. Zigurrat

1984, dance soundtrack and compilation release, 4:38, chant degeneration

4. Eva Can I Stab Bats in a Cave?

1984, dance soundtrack and Tellus cassette, 1:17, palindrome drone

5. Dead Letters

1985, documentary essay, NPR, 55:20

6. Display Wounds

microcast, diverse stations, 1:31

7. Radio Degree Zero

1986, radio play, New American Radio, 26:30, vulnerological investigations

8. Adioradio

1986, microcast, diverse stations, 1:42

9. The Pleasure Of Ruins

CD release, staalplaat, 14:33, it's the pleasure, and it's alive

10. Totenklage/Lacrymosa

1987, phonetic cross-cut, on Pleasure of Ruins CD, 3:35, the invisible generation, dead, torched

11. Twilight for Idols

1987, microcast, Pleasure of Ruins CD, 4:37, radio utopia is no place

12. The Problem With Bodies

vocal apparatus exercise, polycast, 1:20

13. Oral or Anal?

1988, lettrist rotation from the cassette Writing on Air, 1:06

14. Rats Live On No Evil Star

1989, palindromic inversion from the cassette Writing on Air, 0:54

15. The Respirator

1990, microcast, New American Radio, 5:51, our policy is to keep the patient breathing

16. Principia Schizophonica

1990, lecture demonstration, 7" release, RRR, 6:31

17. How To Pronounce "Prosthesis"

1991, language lesson, for Tellus CD Site-less Sounds, 4:50

18. This Is Not a Test

1991, emergency broadcast, for Tellus CD, 2:10

19. Lovely Ways to Burn

1991, docufiction, New American Radio, 27:00, a pyromentary for those who got the fever

20. Pressures of the Unspeakable

1992, documentary performance, ABC, 40:00, from the Institute for Screamscape Studies produced with Roz Cheney and John Jacobs

21. We All Scream Alone

1992, excerpt from Pressures of the Unspeakable, 4:54

22. Shake, Rattle, Roll

1993, radio play manifesto, New American Radio, 22:40

23. Here Comes Everybody

excerpt from Shake, Rattle, Roll, 2:23, radio litany, with Dan Lander and an anonymous chorus

24. The Thing About Bugs

1994, radio performance/play, New American Radio, 28:30, later CD release on Generator Sound Art Christof Migone and GW in philosophical improvisation

25. The Exterminating Angel

excerpt from The Thing About Bugs, 3:57

26. The Night Train

1995, telephonic journey for Rappel CD compilation, 15:00, you can't get there from here

27. Degenerates in Dreamland

1995, cabaret for the disembodied, New American Radio, 27:42, knees, noses and a phallus impudicus

28. L'Indomptable

radio essay, France Culture, (excerpt, 2:24), by GW and Allen S. Weiss, duration of complete program, 45:00

29. Nothing But Fog

1996, musical navigation for radio, Sound Culture SF, 40:00, GW and Richard Busch, with Ilse Pfeiffer

30. Scratch Peace

1997, Villa Arson jukebox, 3:47, found voices

31. On a Very Dirty Street

1997, Villa Arson jukebox, 5:11, found voices

32. Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered

1997, documentary meditation, ABC, 40:00, with Michelle Griffiths, Leandro Katz, Chantal Thomas

33. Ice Music

1997, LIAR report, NPR, 2:27

34. Brain Mash

1998, LIAR report, NPR, 3:38

35. The Bone Trade

imaginary conversation, BBC4 14:00, celebrity necrobilia with Walter Sculley

36. The Hidden Language of Trees

1998, imaginary conversation, BBC4 14:00, they are trying to tell us something

37. The Bottom of the Mind

1998, imaginary conversation, BBC4, 14:00, walking the circle via the existential phonograph

38. Mind, Body and Soul

1998, imaginary conversation, BBC4, 14:00, artist eats three big books

39. Mr. Whitehead, Are You There?

1999, group love letter for mother radio, 5:26

40. The Marilyn Room

2000, radio play, BBC4, (excerpt, 3:07), voices on excerpt: Henry Strozier, Leslie Nixon, duration of complete play is 56:00

41. All About Squid

for Writing Aloud CD, 2:10

42. Marinade á la Tête

2000, cooking show, BBC4, 4:00

43. Eau de Moi

2000, entrepreneurial performance, BBC4, 4:00

44. Delivery System No. 1

2001, voice/face play for radio, 9:30, Genrator Sound Art release

45. American Heavy

2001, radio play, BBC4, (excerpt, 5:28), voices on excerpt: Jonathan Epstein, Corinna May, Allyn Burrows and Elizabeth Ingram, duration of complete play is 56:00

46. Evil Axis

2002, wordplay cartoon, BBC3, 1:44

47. On One Lost Hair

2003, documentary performance, BBC4, (excerpt, 4:25) the last voyage of Horatio Nelson, duration of complete program: 14:00

48. Resurrection Ranch

2003, docufictive travelogue, BBC4, (excerpt, 3:17), with Virginia Crompton, GW, and Karen Lee as Cat Slade, duration of complete program is 27:30

49. The Loneliest Road

2003, radio road movie, BBC 3, (excerpt, 11:08) music by Nick Zammuto and Paul Dejong. voices on excerpt: Karen Lee, Jon Swan, GW and Anne Undeland. duration of complete play is 88:30.

50. Little Tina

2004, excerpt from WFMU live-to-air screamscape, with Kenny G.

51. The Knee

2004, song setting for a poem by Christian Morgenstern, 2:21, performed on the whistled snymbal, by GW

52. As We Know

2004, outcast epistemology, after Donald Rumsfeld, 2:09, no we just don't know

53. Danse Macabre

soundtrack for marionette theater, 11:34 voice by Michel Nedjar

53. Project Jericho

2004, docufictional report, BBC3, (excerpt, 3:53), produced with Mark Burman, duration of complete program: 19:30

Segue Series Reading at the Bowery Poetry Club, October 19, 2002

1. Brian Kim Stefans' Introduction (2:52) : MP3
2. Gregory Whitehead's Introductory Comments (2:30) : MP3
3. Proposition 2 (1:07) : MP3
4. Intro: Radio Cartoons (2:18) : MP3
5. Evil Axis (1:59) : MP3
6. Intro: Martha (1:58) : MP3
7. The Meaning of MARTHA (2:34) : MP3
8. Intro: Linguistic Hermaphrodites & Rats Live On No Evil Star (2:24) : MP3
9. Eva Can I Stab Bats in a Cave? (0:45) : MP3
10. Intro: The Squid Piece (1:38) : MP3
11. All About Squid (1:20) : MP3
12. Intro: Amsterdam Intervention (2:23) : MP3
13. Bugs Bardo Radio! (2:55) : MP3
14. Into: The Dream of Freezing Sound (1:44) : MP3
15. Ice Music (2:48) : MP3
16. Intro: Fake Science Things (2:12) : MP3
17. Brain Mash (3:58) : MP3
18. Intro: Glossolalia Anagrams (1:42) : MP3
19. Everything I Know About Glossolalia (2:45) : MP3

complete reading (42:04): MP3

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Gregory Whitehead is a writer, audio artist, and the director of sea-crow media. He has produced over fifty radio features, voice works, and earplays for programs in the United States and abroad. Drawing on his background in improvised music and experimental theater, Whitehead has created a body of radiophonic work distinguished by its playfully provocative blend of text, concept, voice, music, and pure sound. Production credits include: Dead Letters, Pressures of The Unspeakable (Prix Italia, 1992), and New American Radio commissions: Lovely Ways to Burn (1990), Shake, Rattle and Roll (1992) (BBC Award, Prix Futura, 1993) and The Thing About Bugs (1994). He is also the author of numerous essays on subjects relating to language, technology, and "the public", and he co-edited Wireless Imagination: Sound, Radio and the Avant-Garde, a selective history of audio and radio art (MIT Press).