The Uproar Tapes, Volume 1 (1986)

1. Eric Bogosian "Sitcom"

2. Eric Bogosian "The Specialist"

3. Ann Magnuson "Made for Radio"

4. David Cale, excerpt from "Smooch Music"

5. Ethyl Eichelberger "Jocasta (Boy Crazy) or "She Married Her Son"

6. Richard Price "A Christmas Carol"

7. Karen Finley "I'm An Ass Man"

From the LP "The Uproar Tapes, Volume 1" Antilles Records AN7084 (1986)


New York City has always been a gathering place for creative spirits. The latest wave in this phenomenon had its roots in the late 70s and early 80s. Attracted by the experimental atmosphere and the developing art and music scene, actors, writers, musicians, poets and filmmakers descended into lower Manhattan, resulting in a community that the New York Times later labeled "The New Bohemia". Like preceding generations, this group began to have an impact on the city. through shows at The Kitchen, Performance Space 122 and Franklin Furnace the creative results of these new performers began to take shape. Clubs like 8 B.C., The Pyramid Club, Club 57 and Darinka served as testing grounds for new acts.

Like any scene, this one has its own stars; special performers who stretch the limits, perfect their craft and gain the respect of their peers. Nearly a decade of struggling has given them an edge and an expertise that makes them very special. What began as an experiment in front of a select audience Is now moving to film, Broadway and Off-Broadway, and television.

The Uproar Tapes Volume 1 is a unique compilation of some of the leading lights of this new scene. The six performances selected for this LP capture a vibrancy and raw energy that will provide a testimony to its time. From the music of CBGB's and Max's Kansas City to the thriving art scenes of Soho and the East Village history was being made. This sis the sound of the same roots, from a community that speaks with many different voices yet manages a unity of sprit.

The author and star of the acclaimed one-man show "Drinking in America," Eric Bogosian opens this album with a mastery of characterization and a comic brilliance that eases one into the realm of the spoke word. Ann Magnuson exhibits versatility and satiric brilliance as she moves from evangelist to radio phone-in sex goddess to pop singer lost on the radio dial. With poetic elegance and a sharp yet soothing with David Cale allows introspection to our most primal needs and desires. Ethyl Eichelberger reaffirms modern interest in the classics with piercing social insight and self-accompaniment on the accordion. Novelist and screenwriter Richard Price presents us with yet another talent, that of a great story-teller. His young man's coming of age tale rings a comic and painful truth. Finally breaking all the rules and erasing all the taboos, the 80s answer to Lenny Bruce, Karen Finley explores dangerous regions of the mind in a no-hold-barred approach that is both scary and terrifyingly funny at the same time.

Hear for yourself a little contemporary history. Hear this album.

Haoui Montaug
New York City

Produced by Joel Webber
Recorded at Little Big Horn Recoding Studios, NYC, Winter 85-86
Engineered by Jerry Gottus and Jim Klein
Concept Joel Webber and Adrienne Altenhaus