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PhonoStatic 6: World News Cassette (1987)

049 Word Salad by Ralph Johnson

050 WORN (Wakest Omniscient Reconstruction News) by Aquatics Ever Tarnish (Miekal And, Liz Was, and others)

051 Verbal Idvantage by Ybrigor Moss

052 Suspense and Laughter by John Heck

053 Leçon Chinois by Ll. Dunn

054 Lesson 39 by Philip Blackburn

055 Trek to Ground Zero by Patrick T

056 What's the Frequency, Kenneth? by Patrick T

057 New York City (excerpts) by Richard Kostelanetz

058 Saxophones of Reality by Barry Edgar Pilcher

059 Space (excerpt) by Patrick T

The theme for this compilation was inspired in part by the Dan Rather issue (PhotoStatic no. 22), which appeared at roughly the same time. Separate submissions by three individual members of The Tape-beatles make an appearance, at least one of which forming the basis for a more developed work on the Music with Sound CD, released some three years later. Madison art workers are well represented, too, with submissions from Aquatics Ever Tarnish and Ybrigor Moss. Other interesting works by Philip Blackburn, Richard Kostelanetz, Barry Edgar Pilcher, and Patrick T also maintain the level of interest.

Compilation edited by Lloyd Dunn

Cassette release (1987): PhonoStatic Cassettes, Iowa City, Iowa

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