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PhonoStatic 4: The Persistence of Hearing (1986)

029 Nothin' But a Haint by The Haints (Minóy, Richard Meade, Creative Thing, Tobacco Spot)

030 Good Morning/Conversation by the Less Than Adequate Band (John Heck, Jay Niemann, and others)

031 Tape Jazz II (West End Blues) by Ll. Dunn

032 Silently Depressed (excerpt) by Kathleen Yearwood

033 Howl by Tim Risher

034 Jesus Impregnate Me Lord by Dan Fuller

035 Dis 'n' Dat by Qwa Digs Under Paris's (Miekal And, Liz Was, and others)

036 Epiphanies (selections) by Richard Kostelanetz

The title of this one is a slight joke in an attempt to pair this cassette with its visual counterpart, "The Persistence of Vision", issue no. 14 of the 'zine PhotoStatic. Containing contributions by many of our "usual suspects", this collection shows a continuing dependence on proto-Tape-beatle works by later members of the group. This is supported by an ongoing commitment from visual artists from PhotoStatic's pages making a foray into sound work as well (Minóy, And/Was), as well as contributions from other sound artists and notables.

Compilation edited by Lloyd Dunn

Cassette release (1986): PhonoStatic Cassettes, Iowa City, Iowa

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