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PhonoStatic 2: Audio Vérité (1999)

013 Alone Together (Dr. Falwell's Lament) by the Creature Comforts (Ralph Johnson and Lloyd Dunn)

014 I Love You by the Creature Comforts (Ralph Johnson and Lloyd Dunn)

015 For the Rest of Your Life by Ralph Johnson

016 Telephone Piece by 9digit Zip (Lloyd Dunn)

017 Loops from My Collection by 9digit Zip (Lloyd Dunn)

Audio Vérité (in 5 parts) by Ll. Dunn, Warren Ng, and Lester Hodges

018a Home Vérité

018b TV Vérité

018c Street Vérité

018d More Vérité

018e Breath Vérité

The second PhonoStatic release was motivated mainly by an excess of unpublished audio works and experiments drawn from the time Ralph Johnson and Lloyd Dunn were roommates. The title piece is a 15-minute collage of mid-eighties reality drawn from family life, television, conversations with friends, and street events in a Midwest college town.

Compilation edited by Lloyd Dunn and Ralph Johnson

Cassette release (1985): PhonoStatic Cassettes, Iowa City, Iowa

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