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PhonoStatic 1 (1999)

00a Spoken intro by Paul Neff

001 Brainwash by the All-Steel Space Weenies (Paul Neff, Lloyd Dunn, John Heck, Ralph Johnson, and others)

002 Sleeping by Twa Dogs in Paris (Miekal And, Liz Was, and others)

003 Play 1 by Ll. Dunn

004 Rock n roll by John Heck

005 Violinist Michael Raven with the Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra conducted by Felix Slavkin by Steve Harp

006 Buddy Holly Spin Improv by Simon Peeks (Lloyd Dunn)

006a Spoken outro by Paul Neff

007 Howdy by Theolonious Mike and his Madcap Morons (unknown participants)

008 Rackgobbler Frogjiblets by the Secret Luncheon Meat Police (Robert Kronlage)

009 Richard's Mother by Ralph Johnson

010 Yes, John, We Have Better Things to Do With Our Hands by 9digit Zip (Lloyd Dunn)

011 Recent Piece by 9digit Zip (Lloyd Dunn)

012 Swoop by Smut Monkey (Paul Neff)

012a Spoken outro fx by Paul Neff

This first attempt at an audio cassette counterpart to the visual 'zine PhotoStatic assembles audio works - finished pieces, works-in-progress, simple experiments - mainly from friends and acquaintances in Iowa City, where the collection was compiled. Interestingly for Tape-beatle fans, most of the later members of that group are represented here, already getting familiar with what can only be called cassette "hacking" and other novel audio tape techniques. Other contributions came from the base of PhotoStatic contributors that had begun to assemble around that publication.

Compilation edited by Paul Neff

Cassette release (1984): PhonoStatic Cassettes, Iowa City, Iowa

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