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Breaking Waves (2008)

  1. Hello Hush - 0:51
  2. Hello I'm Talking - 0:46
  3. Hello, Sorry It's Alright - 0:42
  4. Let Them In - 0:49
  5. Please Hold - 0:37
  6. Something - 0:22
  7. The Telephone Call - 0:45
  8. Uncle Campbell - 0:51
  9. Webster Lineman - 0:51
  10. Silence - 0:59


Forma commissioned People Like Us to make a series of new soundworks for the AV Festival "Now Hear This." Now Hear This is a series of site–specific audio works presented in various public spaces across Middlesbrough, UK. The project featured audio works by artists including Marcus Coates and Zoe Irvine, selected for their various interests in the complex relationships between sound, space and location. Adopting diverse modes of broadcast and public address, Now Hear This offers a range of listening experiences and unexpected sonic interventions into our everyday urban environment, creating surprising and engaging encounters with broadcast material. People Like Us produced this series of short audio works to be broadcast via Bluetooth in Middlesbrough Town Centre These brief musical compositions explore the humorous side to communication breakdowns in all their varied and surprising forms. Pair up with People Like Us for a series of misfiring musical arrangements, exploring the entertaining aspects of miscommunication, disharmony, bad connections and missed calls.

This UbuWeb Resource was prepared by Kelly McGilvery.