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Blather (2012)

Blather is a 3 part radio series made specially for Radio Boredcast, taking us on a journey through all the kinds of sounds that the mouth makes, whether that be for artistic, comedy, practical, mind-altering, religious or work reasons. 

Radio Boredcast Blather Part 1

Lollipops - Mah Na Mah Na
Christian Bök - Synth Loops
Jaap Blonk and Radboud Mens - Blaf
Audrey Saint-Coeur - Diddlage
John MacDonald - Strathspey
Elisabeth Claire Prophet - Call For Protection
Paul Dutton - M's 'N' M's
The Swingle Singers - Mission Impossible
Tobacco Auctioneering

YOUR DJ SPEAKS over Percy Faith - Summer Place '76

Henri Chopin - Les Corps Est Une Usine A Son (excerpt)
Paul Dutton - Lips Is
Arrigo Lora Totino - Rumore D'Ombra (1983)
Language Removal Services - From The Static Language Sampler
Language Removal Services - Marilyn Monroe
Colin Anderson - Whistles The First 19 Articles - Basic Law Of The Federal Rebublic Of Germany (1949)
Evil Internet
Yoko Ono - Cough Piece
Ricardo Dal Farra - Due Giorni Dopo
Jörg Piringer - Did
Hallgrímur Valjálmsson - Serenade For Six German Sirens Op.43
The Three Tendons - Girl From Ipanema
The Three Tendons - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
Space Ghost - Mah Na, Mah Na
Unknown - I'm A Bad Boy

YOUR DJ SPEAKS over Percy Faith - Summer Place '76

Stephan Dillemuth - Erdmusik
Adachi Tomomi Royal Chorus - Yimiko
Bali - The Celebrated Gamelan - Ketjak or Monkey Dance [excerpts]
Huutajat - Land Der Berge
Inuit Throat Singing
Italie, Sardaigne - Chant d'Hommes Tenore
Huun Huur Tu - Chylandyk
Huun Huur Tu - Dadyr-Todur (Sound of a Horse Trotting)
Polyphonic Singing From Sardinia -Gosos Di San Gavino
Princess Ramona - Then I Start To Yodel

YOUR DJ SPEAKS over Percy Faith - Summer Place '76

Barrio Sesamo - Mah Na Mah Na (Sesame Street)

Radio Boredcast Blather Part 2

Sesame Street - Mah Na Mah Na
Sten Hanson - O Altitudo
Anna Homler - Conversation
Feng-Hao - Pleasure
From I'm On My Journey Home - Eephing
Mimmo Rotella - Poemi Fonetici - 1949 rec. 1975-01
Daniels-Deason Sacred Harp Singers - Pleyel's Hymn
Professor Stanley Unwin - Answery Most
Ken Dodd - Nickynackynoo

YOUR DJ SPEAKS over Percy Faith - Summer Place '76

Christian Bök - Mushroom Clouds
Sainkho Namtchylak - Long Continuum
From I'm On My Journey Home - Ringing The Pig
Phil Minton and Roger Turner - Supposedly
Jas Duke - Leon Trotsky
Benjamin Weismann - Hitler Ski Story
Three Stooges - Chickery Chick
Lauren Lesko - Thirst
Vito Acconci - Waterways
Christof Migone - Crackers
People Like Us - Hayfever

YOUR DJ SPEAKS over Percy Faith - Summer Place '76

Stan Laurel - Gee This Is Swell
Dave Pell Singers - Mah Na Mah Na

Radio Boredcast Blather Part 3

Piero Umiliani - Mah Na Mah Na
Jas Duke - Dada
DJ Carhouse & MC Hellshit - Air Rappers
Henri Chopin - Les corps Est Une Usine A Sons (Excerpt)
Gwilly Edmondez - Wank Your World Off
The Original Wiestaler Schuplattler - Almtanz
Richard Grossman - Ahh Ha Ha from The Clown Chapters
Richard Grossman - Ay Eee
Sigge Hill - Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh
Dick Higgins - Danger Music
Jaap Blonk - Mnemosyne
Bob Vido - Boo-Bah-Bah
Dokaka - Angel Of Death
Carl Stalling

YOUR DJ SPEAKS over Walter Canciusi - Chewing Gum

Jaap Blonk - Ursonate (2003)
From I'm On My Journey Home - Turkey In The Straw
Miya Masakoa - Ritual with Giant Hissing Madagascar Cockroaches (Excerpt)
Gwilly Edmondez - Bloody Guvamant
Huun-Huur-Tu - Borbanngadyr
bpNichol - Meeln
Gordon Easton - The Drunken Piper
Josie McDermott - The Collier's Reel
Language Removal Services - William Burroughs

YOUR DJ SPEAKS over Percy Faith - Summer Place '76

Unknown - How High
Brian Joseph Davis - Darren Mix Yesterduh
Brian Joseph Davis - Transition Yesterduh
Adachi Tomomi Royal Chorus - Pusu
Stephan Dillemuth - Lost
Stephan Dillemuth - Flight of Fancy
Stephan Dillemuth - Urban Folkdance
Axo Sonac - Handle with Care Axo Sonac and his Happy Hand Horn
Stephan Dillemuth - Last Dawn Shanty


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