People Like Us

Abridged Too Far (2004)
released exclusively on UbuWeb

1. Nothing
2. The Doody Waltz
3. I've Got You
4. Gesundheit!
5. Who Cares
6. Ja Ich
7. Dolly Pardon
8. Ach Du
9. Listen To The
10. Tiny Labyrinth of Distraction
11. Cattle Call
12. Abridged Too Far
13. Bier Bier Bier Downtown
14. Sedimental Journey
15. Swinglargo
16. Close To You
17. Retreat To Fade
18. Happy Wonderer
19. Downtown Once More
20. DO or DIY
21. Nobody Does

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CD Label

""We strongly believe in the power of profit through free distribution. Often people have never heard of an artist because they aren't being distributed through as many channels as they should be, due to the very poor state of music/media distribution for non-major label music coupled with ignorance of the way that avant garde art forms infiltrate mainstream culture. Also many prints of a work are allowed to go out of circulation or are deleted for no reason other than cost effectiveness by a label/publisher. This makes perfect sense financially, but no sense whatsoever that a year's work by an artist should also disappear for such reasons. So get all of this while you can, and we completely endorse getting one's work out there, no matter what. If you don't share, your profit is limited." - People Like Us, 2004