New Humans (US)

New Humans (2005)

1. You Must Be Free
2. White
3. Mandolin Song
4. E.E.E.E.
5. Reverse Sabbath
6. Ready Set Go

On New Human's new self-titled CD, the minimalist impulse is harnessed across disparate lines to create raw and improbable compositions, rendering an almost visual experience to listening. Unraveled, deconstructed and repurposed: sonic passages and genre motifs are treated as block and geometric progressions of sound, noise and rhythm. From the systematic meltdown of Sabbath-like doom riffage to the relentless super deformation of Riley and Branca's legacy, each track builds and clear cuts at the same time - documenting a body of performances and installation projects by the New Humans in the past two years.

New Humans is a hand silk-screened limited edition CD of 200 with custom insert.

Disassociate (2006)

1. (not all there, difference, lack of emotion, country home...)
2. (geometric growth, so out of it, valium holiday, upper...)
3. (broken mirror, self-sabotage, standard, no room, fuzz...)
4. (ghost writer, afterlife, altered beast, not dead, gone...)

A line drawn in space gradually separates into countless pieces leaving a specter of its former self.

On New Human's second release, Disassociate, each track undergoes geometric growth and decay through multiple passing states. With over 25 names for each track, the recording opens with a drone monolith later destabilizing into undulating segments and then finally shattering into a series of interlocking parts. Recorded and engineered by Sean Maffucci (Gang Gang Dance, Psychic Ills, Electroputas) at Junkyard Audio Salvage in Brooklyn, the expansive compositions employ an array of sonic and beat combinations created by electric guitars, acoustic drums, oscillators, and handmade effects. In its transformations, each momentary form gives way to the next creating incidental tangents with minimalist drone, early synth music, extreme noise, and Miami trunk bass.

Disassociate is available on vinyl and CDR as a limited edition release of 300 with hand silk-screened jackets with custom insert. Vinyl edition features glow-in-the dark design and oversized poster. Released on Avant/Savant (Mexico City, New York). Multiple song titles listed in liner poster designed by José León Cerrillo. For best results play recording at high volume in continuous sequence with subwoofer or substantial low frequency sound system. - Avant/Savant

Undercover (2007)

1. bande amorce
2. a change of speed, a change of style, a change of scene, part3
3. before style
4. end:cold

Color vinyl 12" "Undercover" produced with Swiss artist Philippe Decrauzat through Switzerland's Circuit vinyl editions. "Undercover" features New Humans soundtrack for Decrauzat's 16mm film piece, "A change of speed, a change of style. A change of scene; Part II" shown at the Swiss Institute, New York 2006 and Kunstraum walcheturm 2007, Zurich. Jacket design and special poster insert by Philippe Decrauzat and New Human's Mika Tajima.

Transmissions of piercing triangle-wave guitar feedback and arrythmic fibonacci subbass beat PROGRESSIONS (undanceable). Brutal and concise.

Includes solo fibonacci beat track on reverse side for turntabalists and mixing. Pressing of 300 copies.

- Circui

New Humans collaborations with Vito Acconci and C. Spencer Yeh (2008)

1. You in the background

During this improvised performance with New Humans and C. Spencer Yeh, Acconci read permutations of text from a set of seminal audio works he chose -- recombining lines and phrases on the move against a shifting, acute, and deadpan sonic progression. Text include V.D. Lives/ TV Must Die (1978), Now Do You Believe The Dirty Dogs Are Dead (1978), An Idea Of Storage At A Small Gallery In Downtown Chicago (1979), Cry, Baby! (1977).

2. Double Negative

C. Spencer Yeh's violin tears into the track without hesitation creating a searing arc over the sheets of analog fuzz delivered by New Humans's obliterated guitar, drums, and bass. Double Negative also documents the live destruction of a glass sculpture as it was crushed by a pile of contact microphoned chairs that Mika Tajima dragged across the room and then toppled into the tower of glass. The amplified dragging and the eventual cascading crash of glass was sampled in real time, becoming an underlying rhythmic pattern as New Humans returned for a final assault with Yeh. --New Humans


Formed in 2003, Brooklyn based New Humans make collaborative works including music, video, art installations, clothing collaborations (w. United Bamboo), and sound recordings. Repetitive patterning, collapsing boundary and object, unraveling ...

New Humans began out of Mika Tajima's art practice and is a moniker for her projects with other musicians, artists, and designers. Members are Howie Chen, Mika Tajima, and Eric Tsai. Past collaborations with Vito Acconci, José León Cerrillo, Philippe Decrauzat, Matt Suib, and C. Spencer Yeh.


Mika Tajima / New Humans in UbuWeb Film
C. Spencer Yeh, UbuWeb Sound