Charlotte Moorman (1933-1991)

Charlotte Moorman / Nam June Paik – TV Cello (1971)

  1. TV Cello 14:56
  2. TV Cello 17:48
  3. TV Cello 17:43
  4. TV Cello 14:42
Recorded at Galeria Bonino, New York City, 1971.

A documentation of Charlotte Moorman activities as a performer is generally available only on the iconographic level in various catalogues which documents the crucial intersection with the work of Nam June Paik or the association with events connected to the Fluxus movement. One of Charlotte Moorman's more substantial merits is having consciously reversed the traditional role of the virtuoso performer on her own instrument, uncovering by this overturning one of the most authentic keys for comprehending the aesthetics of experimental music. It was properly the natural spontaneity in this attitude to fascinate Paik and to have decreed her indispensable capacity as a performer, thus giving rise to the reasons animating their fecund and symbiotic collaboration.

Cello Anthology is a collection of documents (sonic and photographic) as well as original texts and testimonies, made available for the first time in a unitary form by Alga Marghen. One of the CDs included in the edition, currently in a final process of realisation, will offer an in situ recording of the famous 'TV Cello', realised in September 1982 during the three days inaugurating the Paik retrospective at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. The 2LP edition presented here introduces to a different version of the same piece, conceived by Paik for Moorman as a 'living sculpture': the 'Concerto for TV Cello and Video Tapes' historical World Premiere, recorded at Galeria Bonino, New York City, 1971. More rough and primitive than the masterpiece recorded in 1982 in Chicago.

WBAI-FM "Avant Garde Concert III"

Originally broadcast December 12 & 17, 1964. A Recording of the Annual Avant Garde Festival Program of August 30, 1964.

From an original announcement card: Avant Garde Concert III. Third in a series of concerts recorded by WBAI this fall at Judson Hall. Cellist Charlotte Moorman is assisted by pianist Nam June Paik and soprano saxophonist Terry Jennings. In the Cage opus she utilizes not only her cello but additional whistles, chains, balloons (for breaking), etc. with recorded supplements such as the Queen Mary's departure blast and sounds from Big Ben. In Stockhausen's 'Plus-Minus', Miss Moorman is assisted by a full-size robot named Robot Opera, built by Nam June Paik.

1. JOHN CAGE, 26'1.1499" For a String Player

2. EARLE BROWN, Synergy (World Premiere) (Tape and Cello)

3. GIUSEPPE CHIARI, Per Arco (American Premiere) (for tape and reactions of a cellist)

4. KARLHEINZ STOCKHAUSEN, Plus-Minus (realized by Paik) (World Premiere)

5. TERRY JENNINGS, Piece for Cello and Saxophone (the composer plays saxophone)

6. TOSHI ICHIYANAGI, Duet II (American Premiere)

Charlotte Moorman interviewed by Harvey Matusow

Interviewed at BBC New York Studios, NYC October 1969.
Subject: Avant Garde Arts in NY

7. Part 1

8. Part 2

Charlotte's Answering Machine

9. Answering Machine: Labeled "Lennon, Cage, Yoko, Thanksgiving, Paik. November 24-December 6th"

Duet II by Toshi Ichiyanagi

10. Duet II by Toshi Ichiyanagi [Charlotte Moorman, cello. Nam June Paik, piano (rehearsal)]

Charlotte Moorman performance: TV Cello with Nam June Paik (Reflection Press)

11. TV Cello with Nam June Paik: Part 1

12. TTV Cello with Nam June Paik: Part 2

Concert for TV Cello and Videotapes, Nam June Paik with Charlotte Moorman, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, 9/82
Performed by Charlotte Moorman with Paul Garrin.

13. Concert for TV Cello and Videotapes: Part 1

14. Concert for TV Cello and Videotapes: Part 2

15. Concert for TV Cello and Videotapes: Part 3

The Long Hot Summer by Jackson Mac Low
From the 3rd Annual Avant Garde Festival of New York, Judson Hall 1966. Performers included Yoko Ono and Takehisa Kosugi, amongst others.

16. The Long Hot Summer

Waiting for Commercial by Nam June Paik
Performed by David Behrman and Charlotte Moorman

17. Waiting for Commercial

26'1.1499" For a String Player by John Cage
Short version from unique lacquer disc.

18. 26'1.1499" For a String Player

Charlotte Moorman Live at Mills College 3/8/74
Variations on a Theme by Saint-Saens, Nam June Paik

19. Variations on a Theme by Saint-Saens

So Langweilig Wei Moglich, Nam June Paik, Charlotte Moorman, July 25, 1966, Aachen, Germany

  • Composition 1960 #5, La Monte Young
  • Electronic Moon, Nam June Paik/Jud Yalkut
  • Sensitivo #7, Sylvano Bussotti
  • December '52, Earle Brown
  • Ave Maria Di Schubert, Giuseppe Chiari
  • 4'1.1499" For a String Player, John Cage
  • Simple, Nam June Paik
  • Me, Bazon Brock
  • World Premiere Cello Sonata Opus 69 "Opera Sextronique", Nam June Paik
  • Cello Sonata, Dick Higgins (Glauben Sie Dass Charlotte Moorman in Diesem Kasten Ist?)
  • Duett II, Toshi Ichiyanagi
  • Johann Sebastian Bussottii, Nam June Paik
  • Synomy, Emmett Williams
  • Cinema Metaphysic, Nam June Paik/Jud Yalkut
  • p+AIK, Jud Yalkut
  • Symphony #4, George Brecht

    20. So Langweilig Wei Moglich, Part 1

    21. So Langweilig Wei Moglich, Part 2

    Assembly and mastering by Stephen Vitello.
    Courtesy Barbara Moore/Bound & Unbound & Andrew Gurian, © Estate of Frank Pileggi.

    22. Charlotte Moorman and David Tudor (November 26, 1970)

    Charlotte Moorman and David Tudor play a number of pieces by LaMonte Young, Morton Feldman, Ornette Coleman, Earle Brown, Philip Corner, & John Cage. The Corner piece consists largely of detailed performance notes that are followed exactly, much to the amusement of the audience. 73 min., KPFA

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