Jackson Mac Low (1922-2004)

Full-length CDs

Doings: Assorted Performance Pieces (1955-2002)

Open Secrets (1993)

Music by Jackson Mac Low and Anne Tardos (1999)

Various Performances and Radio Works

LINEbreak radio recording session, New York, 1995 (28:59)

The Radio Reading Project session, 1998 (51:51)

The Line Reading Series, June 26, 2001 (40:59)

The 8-Voice "Black Tarantula Crossword Gatha" (32:14)

8-Voice Stereo Canon (The 4 over-laid performances begin on channel one about 20 seconds after they begin on channel two: a "4-against-4" canon.) "The Black Tarantula Crossword Gatha" was written (drawn) 8/25/73 & after. Realized at NYU Composers' Workshop N.Y. - 11/25/73. Note: "The Black Tarantula" is one of Kathy Acker's pseudonyms. Originally published as a cassette by S Press Tonbandverlag, Dusseldorf/Munchen, West Germany, 1975.

Segue reading series at the Bowery Poetry Club, New York, May 8, 2004

1. Introduction - (1:51)
2. It Will Glow Unseen Until It Doesnt (HSCH 1) - (6:14)
3. Our Throng Is Too Much Involved with Dazzle (HSCH 9) - (4:37)
4. Our Creativity-Memory Was Wrung, Was It? (HSCH 6) - (3:27)
5. That Consummatory Process Had Already Been Published (HSCH 2) - (11:33)
6. Feeling Down Clementi Felt Imposed Upon from Every Direction (HSCH 10) - (3:36 )

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