Christopher Knowles (b. 1959)

  1. Tell It Like It Is
    From Tellus #3 (1984)

  2. George Klauber and George Klauber (1979)
    George Klauber was a professor of Knowles at Pratt in 1973.

  3. Robert Wilson + Christopher Knowles | from A Letter to Queen Victoria: The Sundance Kid is Beautiful [8:00]

    Recorded at St. Marks Church, NYC, Jan 1, 1975, From Giorno Poetry Systems / Dial-A-Poem Poets - Big Ego

"A Letter For Queen Victoria: An Opera" (1974) - Robert Wilson
Christopher Knowles and the Structured Logic of Play [PDF]
By Lauren DiGiulio (2012, Barbican Center, London, Program Notes for Einstein on the Beach)

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