Åke Hodell (1919-2000)

Verbal Brainwash (1963-1977)

1-1 Law & Order Inc. 1:31
1-2 Structures III (Part 1) 10:38
1-3 General Bussig (General Buddy-Buddy) (Part 1) 3:16
1-4 Structures III (Part 2) 2:11
1-5 Igevär (Presentarms) 1:55
1-6 The Voyage To Labrador 4:00
1-7 Law & Order Inc. 0:33
1-8 Structures III (Part 3) 2:20
1-9 General Bussig (General Buddy-Buddy) (Part 2) 2:04
1-10 Structures III (Part 4) 2:20
1-11 Law & Order Inc. 1:02
1-12 Orpheic Revelations 8:06
1-13 General Bussig (General Buddy-Buddy) (Part 3) 1:01
1-14 Structures III (Part 5) 3:10
1-15 Igevär (Presentarms) (Part 2) 5:56
1-16 Structures III (Part 6) 3:30
1-17 Numro Ba Besch (General Buddy-Buddy, Version For Tape) 4:20
1-18 Law & Order Inc. 0:48
1-19 General Bonhomme (French Version Of General Bussig Recorded Live In Paris) 7:19
1-20 Présentezarmes (French Version Of Presentarms) 5:01
2-1 The Djurgårdsfärjan Ferry Across The Styx 20:07
2-2 Cerberus, The Hellhound 15:52
2-3 The Road To Nepal 21:32
2-4 220 Volt Buddha 21:23
3-1 USS Pacific Ocean 21:26
3-2 Where Is Eldridge Cleaver? 13:53
3-3 Introduction To "Mr Smith In Rhodesia" By The Composer (In-Connection With The End, In 1985, Of A 15- Year Radio Ban Of The Piece) 3:08
3-4 Mr Smith In Rhodesia 16:18
3-5 Spirit Of Ecstasy, Racing Car Opera 24:24

Authorized edition of the titles which Åke Hodell has himself described as text-sound compositions (1963-1977).

Mastered from the original tapes.

General Bussig (General Buddy-Buddy) & Igevär (Presentarms) (1963), produced at Europafim AB, made in 1965 for the Verbal Brainwash EP.

Structures III (1967), produced at SR/EMS (The Electroacoustic Music Studio).

USS Pacific Ocean (1968), produced at SR/EMS.

Where is Eldridge Cleaver? (1969), produced at SR/EMS.

Law & Order Inc (1970), originally released as a disc in the book Mr Nixon's Dreams.

Mr Smith in Rhodesia (1970), produced at SR/EMS.

The Road to Nepal (1971), Electronic Purgatory II, produced at SR/EMS.

220 volt Buddha (1971), Electronic Purgatory I, produced at Fylkingen/SR/EMS.

Numro Ba Besch (1972), General Buddy-Buddy in a version for tape, composed in 1970 for Henri Chopin for a production on Ou Revue disc.

Djurgårdsfärjan över Styx (The Djurgården Ferry across the Styx) (1972), Electronic Purgatory III.

Kerberos, helveteshunden (Cerberus, the Hellhound), 1972, Electronic Purgatory IV, produced at SR/Fylkingen.

General Bonhomme (1972), French version of General Buddy-Buddy, live recording made by an unknown French technician.

Présentezarmes (1972), French tape version of Presentarms, produced at SR.

Orfiska uppenbarelser (Orpheic Revelations) (1973), Electronic Purgatory V, produced at SR/Fylkingen.

The Voyage to Labrador (1976), composed for and released on Fylkingen LP 1010 in 1976, not to be confused with the radio play with the same title, produced at SR.

Spirit of Ecstasy, Racing Car Opera (1977).

Structures III, USS Pacific Ocean, Where is Eldridge Cleaver?, Mr Smith in Rhodesia, The Road to Nepal, 220 volt Buddha, The Djurgården Ferry across the Styx, Cerberus, the Hellhound, Orpheic Revelations, and Spirit of Ecstasy, Racing Car Opera were produced in four-channel concert versions, commisionned by the Music department of the Swedish broadcasting corporation and for the Text-Sound festivals in collaboration with Fylkingen.

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