Jesse Glass

poems by Jesse Glass and Rod Summers

1. aeric's harp (0:38) rod summers 1991

2. soundpoemsound (1:42) rod summers 2001

3. frankenstein's altimeter (1:37) rod summers 1995

4. interruptor del universo (the universal switch) (0:48) rod summers/trans.jose antonio hergueta/read by feli alvarez 1993

5. saai als een mus (2:21) rod summers/liesbet summers 2001

6. silence forever (3:14) rod summers 2001

7. jenseits der dunklen materie (beyond dark matter) (2:45) rod summers/ trans. tom winter & matthias karow/ read by tom winter 2001

8. a dos poetas que envejecen (for two ageing poets) (1:17) rod summer/trans. paula einoder-boxer/ read by clemente padin

9. for two ageing poets (1:38) rod summers 2001

10. seriously no (0:12) rod summers 2001

11. soap (1:28) rod summers 2001

12. second attempt (0:51) rod summers/read by tom winter 1981

13. for tom (5:14) rod summers/read by tom winter 1981

14. love (0:36) rod summers/read by tom winter 1981

15. sex (2:22) rod summers/read by tom winter 1981

16. restful weekend (0:33) rod summers/read by tom winter 1981

17. make up (1:08) rod summers/read by tom winter 1981

18. night light (1:03) rod summers/read by tom winter 1981

19. frogs (2:00) 2001

20. altered voice (3:31) jesse glass 2001

21. it (4:54) jesse glass/asgard VIII the vec computer 2001

22. a perfect day (1:52) jesse glass 2001

23. refuse the void (3:03) jesse glass 2001

24. book of doll (8:30) jesse glass 2001

25. the sleeper (5:59) jesse glass 1979

26. the sleeper (5:27) jesse glass 2001

27. i'm back here (0:58) rod summers 2001

28. loop II (2:57) rod summers 2001

2001, vec audio editions
florynruwe 52c
6218 ce maastricht
the netherlands

Antiradical Opera” opera for radio [22:05]

Music and realization by Arturas Bumšteinas (Lithuania) Libretto by Jesse Glass (USA/Japan).

Virtual Choir: Ceyda Karamursel (Turkey), Grytė Pintukaitė (Lithuania), Jonas Sakalauskas (Lithuania), Kyrre Bjørkås (Norway), Juha Valkeapää (Finland), Tom Winter (Germany), Charles Krutzen (Germany), Hugo Maia (UK), Gosia Kus (Poland), Paco Balbuena (Spain), John Troyer (USA) and La La Band from the National Theater School of Canada.

Musicians (Lithuania): Vaida Pasarevičiūtė (flute), Šarūnas Jankauskas (clarinet), Roman Repin (trumpet), Tadas Žukauskas (violin), Alexei Bliznin (guitar), Arturas Bumšteinas (piano).

Recorded in various locations around the world between years 2001 and 2002; mixed by Arturas Bumšteinas between years 2001 and 2004 in Vilnius.

For this project there was gathered a virtual group of vocalists (both professionals and amateurs) from all around the world. With the help of internet, amongst the vocalists there were distributed simple scores consisting of „number notation” and performance instructions. These scores were vocally interpreted, recorded and sent back to composer on CDs, mp3 files, mini-discs and audio cassettes. All these recordings were carefully selected, edited and mixed into a so-called “virtual choir” which became the main, most characteristic element of the whole „Antiradical Opera” project. Instrumental part was composed and recorded later as an accompaniment for the voices.

Libretto of „Antiradical Opera” was written by American poet Jesse Glass and it brings us to the American Civil War era’s Newspaper Wars. The main story is on the editorial battle between Joseph Shaw, editor of the Carroll County Democrat , and Charles W. Webster, a columnist for The American Sentinel. Shaw had opined on April 6th, 1865, that the country would be much better if Abraham Lincoln (that time president) had died. Lincoln was shot on April 14th. The day later, when the news reached Shaw, he left his hometown - Westminster. That night a concerned citizens’ committee destroyed Shaw’s printing offices and on April 24th , when he returned to Westminster, he was killed the same day.

Jesse Glass is professor of American literature and history at Meikai University in Japan. He is the author of The Passion of Phineas Gage (West House/Ahadada),Gaha Noas Zorge (Poetry/ Performance Texts) and Lost Poet (Plays).  Performances of his poetry are featured at UBU-Web and Penn-Sound, among other venues.

All the documentation of the collaboration between Arturas Bumšteinas and Jesse Glass is part of special collection at the University of Maryland Libraries.

Previous version of “Antiradical Opera” has been released by Bolt Records on a CD by Arturas Bumšteinas titled “Heap of Language”.