Xaiver Gautier

1. Rachel (2000)

From the Ridley Scott movie Bladerunner (1982). All the words that Rachel says in chronological order

2. Lydia (2000)

From the Antonioni movie La Notte (1960) All the first names of the move, in their chronological order

3. 64 Objects (2000) 1:22

from the book Unica Zürn book Dunkler Frühling (1965). All the objects in the book that you can hold in your hand

4. Martin (2003), :58

From the Karl Dreyer movie Dias Irae (1943). All the times "Martin" are pronounced in the movie

5. Kyra (2003), 2:08

From the M. Shyamalan movie The Sixth Sense (1999). The English and French versions played at the same time