Michel Foucault (1926-1984)

Discourse and Truth - Parrhesia, 1983 (English)

  1. October 24, 1983 Part 1
    The meaning and evolution of the word Parrhesia (1:55:39)
  2. October 24, 1983 Part 2
    Parrhesia in the Tragedies of Euripides (54:06)
  3. October 31, 1983
    Parrhesia and the crisis of democratic institutions (1:01:22)
  4. November 14, 1983 Part (1
    Practice of parrhesia (46:35)
  5. November 14, 1983 Part 2
    Techniques of the Parrhesiastic Games (1:03:51)
  6. November 21, 1983
    Conclusion (37:42)

These six lectures were delivered on the UC Berkeley Campus in October and November of 1983.

Truth & Subjectivity: Howison Lectures, UC Berkeley (1980, English)

  1. Lecture 1
  2. Lecture 2
  3. Lecture 3
  4. Lecture 4

On October 20 and 21, 1980, Michel Foucault presented the Howison Lectures in philosophy at UC Berkeley. The subject for his talks, nothing new for Foucault, was truth and subjectivity. The audio quality is a bit muffled--partiucarly during the question and answer portion; adjusting bass and treble will make listening more tolerable. Unlike the former lecture series on parrhesia, these lectures have not been transcribed or published to my knowledge. It is sort of amusing to listen to the questions from the perspective of social demographics. I went to school at Irvine, a much more politically conservative campus. The political attitudes reflected in the questions at this Berkeley seminar were quite rare on the UC Irvine campus...

The Culture Of The Self, Berkley Lectures (1983)

  1. Lecture 1
  2. Lecture 2
  3. Lecture 3

These lectures by Foucault held at U.C. Berkeley on April 12th & 19th, 1983 April, was one of his last major public appearances in the United States. The three tracks are 40-60 minutes long.

Raymond Roussel par Michel Foucault (1962), 1'20"

  1. Raymond Roussel par Michel Foucault (1962)

Michel Foucault propose une analyse de l'oeuvre de Raymond Roussel en alternance avec des lectures d'extraits (Roger Blin, Nadine Alari, Michel Bouquet, Jean Marchat...) dans l'émission "Photogrammes".

A propos de l’Histoire de la folie (1961)

  1. A propos de l’Histoire de la folie, 9:57 (1961)

Court extrait de l’entretien entre Michel Foucault et le professeur Henri Baruk consacré par Serge Jouhet à “Raison et folie” (R.T.F., “Analyse spectrale de l’Occident”, 16 décembre 1961).

Le corps, lieu d’utopies (1966)

  1. Le corps, lieu d’utopies (1966)

Intervention dans une série d’émissions sur “l’Utopie et la littérature” (France-Culture, 21 décembre 1966).

L'herméneutique Du Sujet Le Courage De La Vérité (1978)

  1. L'herméneutique Du Sujet Le Courage De La Vérité

Michel Foucault's seminar on the Hermeneutics of Subject in which he reflects on the historical theme of subjectivity vs. reality, starting by questioning the regimes of behaviour an the sexual regimes in Ancient Greece. Foucault was recorded by students durring the seminar and then the audio file was rebroadcast by Radio France.

11 Conferences from Michel Foucault (1980, French)

  1. Contestation du reel
  2. Decoupages singuliers du temps
  3. Juxtaposition d'espaces incompatibles
  4. Le corps et ses resources propres
  5. Le corps, acteur principal ...
  6. Les contre espaces
  7. Les utopies qui effaces le corps
  8. L'heterotopologie
  9. Mon corps est ...ailleurs
  10. Mon corps, topie impitoyable
  11. Systemes d'ouverture