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Ata Ebtekar/Sote (b. 1972)

  1. Miniature Tone
  2. Nashid
  3. Saint Homayun
  4. Synthetic Overture Satans Lullaby
  5. Micro Tuning
  6. Breadth Digit Glass Lung
  7. Robot Radit
  8. Tahrir Love Birds Drowned In Sorrow
  9. Picture Of A Whisper
  10. Cry
  11. Lovaz
  12. Niaaz
  13. Plainsong

Ata Ebtekar aka Sote (b.1972) is an electronic composer, sound artist and recording engineer who is interested in recasting the tuning of Persian classical scales (radif) and melodies from old Persian folk songs within a new electronic framework. Since he has a firm conviction that rules and formulas have to be deconstructed and rethought, he alters some of these modal systems from their original tonality and rhythm. He has released several CDs and vinyls on Dielectric/RLR, Spundae and Warp. Sub Rosa offers you a Persian history lesson that finally exposes this region's rich and significant contribution to the realm of electronic music.

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