Bob Dylan (b. 1941)

Bob Dylan vs A.J. Weberman (1971)
  1. Introduction
  2. January 6, 1971
  3. January 9, 1971

""These are the telephone tapes made by A.J. Weberman of two phone calls (Jan 6th & 9th, 1971) to Bob Dylan regarding an article published by Weberman concerning Bob Dylan. Weberman became infamous for going through Dylan's trash and selling the garbage he found. I obtained this copy of these recordings from a generation-counting private collector in Ireland 15 years ago and, at the time, I was told they were sourced from a reel to reel copy made from Weberman's cassettes, rather than from the Folkways LP edition. The material shows amazing insight into Dylan as a human being, a family man and an artist. I decided not to try to clean up the material using DSP since the previous trader left it as he got it."