Chris Cobilis (b. 1979)

Instaphonics (NO LIFE, NO MUSIC.) (2022)

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Instaphonics (NO LIFE, NO MUSIC.) is a gag concerning both instant improvised moments and Plunderphonics, made entirely from Instagram in real time on three Apple devices. When folks say “no overdub, no edit” I think “why are you telling me this, who cares?” but here I am saying just that. It is roughly an hour of annoying jump cuts and juxtapositions- possibly an attempt to recapture the time and attention Instagram has taken from me over the years. I don’t know what it is saying exactly but I’m opting for “no thought, best thought” to get somewhere, anywhere.

Chris Cobilis. 3x Apple devices running Instagram, mixing desk, Tascam recorder. June 2022.

Chris Cobilis is an Australian musician/composer/sound artist. Since 1997 Cobilis' ad-hoc practice has included improvisation, playing in bands & installation together with composing original music for feature film, dance and theatre.

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