Walter Cianciusi

1. Chewing Gum

2. Computer Music (Jungle)

3. Computer Music (Musica)

4. Computer Music (Robotz)

5. Computer Music (Utopia)

6. EMail Sonata for Alex V. Cook

7. Imaginary Landscape No.5 (John Cage)

8. Improvisation IV (John Cage)

8. Music for Mobile Phone No.1

10. Music of a CD Player Conductor No.1

11. Music of a CD Player Conductor No.2

12. Santa Cecilia (excerpt from the installation)

13. Sovrapposizione n.2 seasons-toy piano

14. Sovrapposizione n.4 halt-atlas

15. Sovrapposizione n.5 pastorale-lontananza

16. Sovrapposizione n.6 II-onea

17. Sovrapposizione n.3 diotima-atlas



Walter Cianciusi was born in Tagliacozzo (AQ), Italy in 1978.

He graduated in guitar from the Conservatory “A.Casella” (L’Aquila) and in law from “La Sapienza” University (Rome). Since 2001 he has been studying electronic music with Maestro Michelangelo Lupone. He has also attended several specialization courses taught by Henri Pousseur, Sylvano Bussotti, Mauricio Kagel, James Dashow and Curtis Roads.

Walter Cianciusi has already released several pieces: “Miope” for electric guitars (Bèrben 2000), “Sovrapposizioni” for magnetic tape (Vitaminic 2001), “Computer Music” for live electronics (Vitaminic 2002), “Trees Like Torches” (a compilation made in collaboration with Daniel Weaver, John Kannenberg, Eddie Prevost, Paul Burnell, Ian Simpson and others; published by the English record company “Electronic Musik” in 2002), “Fluxuations” (a compilation made in collaboration with John M. Bennett, Alan Bowman, Alex V. Cook, Anne Drogyness, Don Boyd and others; published by “Xexoxial Editions” Wisconsin in 2003), “Musica Inaudita II” for piano (Bèrben 2005), “Phoneticathon” (a compilation curated by Mark Owens and published by “Sad Penguin Records” Oregon in 2005). In August 2002 “The Centre of Attention” gallery in London, UK showed a “verbal score” (Three Internet Events) by Walter Cianciusi, as part of an exhibit dedicated to e-mail art.

Cianciusi’s compositions have also been performed in Cardiff, UK (The Long Night of Audio, Video and Live Art 2002), in Manchester, UK (Priceless 2003), in Portland,OR, U.S.A. (Sound Poetry Festival 2003-2004), in New York, NY, U.S.A. (Williams Re-Mix Engine 27 2003, Day de Dada 2005), in Austin, TX, U.S.A. (Flux Cafe 2004) and in Rome, Italy (Arte-Scienza 2004, Festival Scelsi 2005).

As interpreter he produced the electronics for the world première of the piece “Texture” by Aldo Clementi (Rome, Musica-Scienza 2005).

Walter Cianciusi also works with the FLUXUS art group: he recently took part in the “Fluxlist Box II” (2003), “Playing Cards” (2003) and “Fluxus Anthology” (2005) projects.

Walter Cianciusi can be reached at:

Via Montello, 80
67051 Avezzano (AQ) ITALY
Ph. 011 39 347 7027963
E-mail address: