John Cage (1912-1992)

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John Cage - A Firenze (1992)

  1. Interview With John Cage 6:24
    Edited By – Michele Porzio
    Interviewee – John Cage

  2. Solo For Voice 2 (With Simultaneous Performance Of) Solo For Piano 8:14
    Piano – Giancarlo Cardini
    Voice – Francesca Della Monica

  3. Winter Music 11:46
    Piano – Daniele Lombardi, Giancarlo Cardini

  4. Ryoanji 18:18
    Double Bass, Tape – Stefano Scodanibbio

  5. Variations 1 4:25
    Flute [Bass] – Roberto Fabbriciani

  6. Two 10:06
    Flute – Roberto Fabbriciani
    Piano – Giancarlo Cardini

  7. Music For Amplified Toy Pianos 17:56
    Performer – Daniele Lombardi, Giancarlo Cardini

Recordings from a summer of 1992 music festival in Florence, Italy dedicated to John Cage, with Cage in attendance.

This CD came with a special edition of Sonora magazine dedicated to John Cage and this festival event. The 114 page, digest size magazine includes interviews with John Cage, as well as related articles, and listings of his compositions and recorded works up to 1992. Text is in both Italian and English.

Materiali Sonori ‎– CD 0493