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Il Treno Di John Cage (John Cage's Train) (1978)
  1. Monday, June 26: Bologna – Porretta Terme – Bologna
  2. Tuesday, June 27: Bologna – Ravenna – Bologna
  3. Wednesday, June 28: Ravenna – Rimini – Ravenna

The happening Alla ricerca del silenzio perduto

Cage's Train has lingered in the memory of all the people who took part in it, and the echoes left behind by the American composer's prepared train have spread through time. This rare document contains critical contributions on the event in both Italian and English,featuring the elaboration of the train's 3 excursions. They are all previously unpublished materials, collected here for the first time.

Loops [Uncredited] – Juan Hidalgo, Walter Marchetti

Performer [Uncredited] – Augusto Vismara, Carlo Capelli, Cristiano Rossi, Demetrio Stratos, Enrico Visani,

Esther Ferrer, Gian Felice Fugazza, Gianfranco Barucchello, Giorgio Zagnoni, Luigi Lanzillotta, Marcello Panni, Marco Scano, Massimo Coen

Recorded By [Registrazioni Originali Di] – Carlo "Cialdo" Capelli* (tracks: 1-1 to 3-1), Oderso Rubini (tracks: 1-1 to 3-1), Stefano Barnaba (tracks: 1-1 to 3-1)

Sounds [Elaborazioni Di] – Patrizio Fariselli, Walter Marchetti

John Cage became famous in the 40's as the inventor of the prepared piano. The lack of space in a small concert hall forced him to tweak a piano which eventually, after inserting screws, bolts and pieces of glass in between its strings, sounded like a percussion orchestra; therefore the nickname prepared. Many years later he would conceive another preparation, this time fiddling with a train! And right here in Italy.

The event took place in the month of June 1978. John Cage projected, thanks to an idea of Tito Gotti, a musical happening (considering all the meanings the word musical possessed for John Cage) based on the sonorization of a train during three different trips along less crowded railroad lines. The place where the event happened is the Italian region Emilia Romagna and these were the three excursions:

Monday, June 26: Bologna – Porretta Terme – Bologna

Tuesday, June 27: Bologna – Ravenna – Bologna

Wednesday, June 28: Ravenna – Rimini – Ravenna

Il treno di John Cage (John Cage's Train) featured Walter Marchetti, Juan Hidalgo, Demetrio Stratos, Daniel Charles, among the important personalities who were guests in it. A more detailed account with some testimonies of the time can be found at the site Il Treno di John Cage. In the same site Take the Cage train, the 2008 event celebrating the 30 years anniversary after the first train, is also described. The title stems from a funny pun between the very famous theme of Duke Ellington's orchestra and our John.