John Armleder (b. 1948)

1. Galerie Ecart presents John Armleder Conversations

Broadcast on KPFK, Close Radio, October 6, 1977, 9 min. 35 sec.
A sound piece with the voices of John Cage, Dick Higgins, William Burroughs, George Brecht, Richard Huelsegheck, Merce Cunningham, Kurt Schwitters, Naum Gabo, Marcel Duchamp, and Raoul Hausmann.

2. "16 Great Turn-Ons"

1988, performed and directed by Christian Marclay at Studio Pass, N. Y Engineered by B. Hutchinson. edited-by C. S Russell. (1:10)
From Audio By Visual Artists, TELLUS 21

3. Whatever by Whoever

Extended version, 1995, 0'59"
From Murs du son - Murmures

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