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AGP134 - Henry Kaiser (1952-) | It's a Wonderful Life (1984)

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  1. It's a Wonderful Life [24:17] [MP3]

  2. Let's Drink 100% Healthy Milk and Study Hard! [5:44] [MP3]

  3. The Book of Gold [8:20] [MP3]

  4. Ear Trouble [9:40] [MP3]

  5. AGP 134 notes [TXT]

  6. LP liner notes [PDF]


AGP134 is a transcription of another LP by the avant-guitarist Henry Kaiser, recorded several years after the LP featured in AGP102. This LP includes some of Kaiser's best recorded work, and yet it has strangely never appeared on CD and is long out-of-print. The sounds have a rounder edge than those featured in AGP102 and the improvisations are somewhat more measured, both of which make it more approachable. In the middle of track 01, there is a brief jam on two riffs from Fumio Hayasaka's score for Akira Kurosawa's movie "Shichinin no samurai", and towards the end of track 04 there is what sounds like a nod to "Veteran's Day Poppy" from Captain Beefheart's LP "Trout Mask Replica".

The LP transcribed for this installment is in excellent condition. The installment includes a PDF file with scans of the back cover.