Top Tens

UbuWeb Top Ten
October 2013
Selected by Stephen Vitiello

1. Charlotte Moorman Terry Jennings's "Piece for Cello and Saxophone" (1964)
Answering Machine: Labeled "Lennon, Cage, Yoko, Thanksgiving, Paik. November 24-December 6th" (1972)
2. David Behrman Sounds for a Film by Robert Watts (1968)
3. Samuel Beckett MacGowran Speaking Beckett (1966)
4. Vito Acconci Ten Packed Minutes (1977)
5. Christopher Knowles Tell It Like It Is (1984)
6. Pauline Oliveros Alien Bog (Excerpt)
7. John Grayson Sound Sculpture (book, 1975)
8. Alison Knowles On Orchard Street (1992)
9. Tony Oursler The Weak Bullet (1980)
9. John Cage and Nam June Paik in Conversation (1985) Part 1, Part 2,

Stephen Vitiello is a sound artist and media artist. His sound installation, A Bell For Every Minute is currently installed in MoMA's Sculpture Garden (through Nov 3, 2013) as part of the Soundings exhibition. He is on the faculty of Kinetic Imaging at Virginia Commonwealth University.