Top Tens

UbuWeb Top Ten
August 2014
Selected by Don Share

1. Bern Porter -- Wisdom of the Questioning Eye
Five books from the 1960s, by found poet Bern Porter (1911-2004)

2. Chris Marker – Junktopia
Ocean junk avant le lettre.

3. Jack Kerouac - The Northport Tapes (1958-64)
Kerouac reading from his work while getting drunk and occasionally singing along with Frank Sinatra records that are being played in the background.

4. John Oswald – Plunderphonics
How long I have waited to hear this legendary stuff again!

5. Lou Reed – The View from the Bandstand
Life among the Poobahs!!

6. Ian Hamilton Finlay – Various
Just read his phenomenal cranky letters to Stephen Bann this year (Midway); Finlay’s work has never been surpassed and is almost irreproducible, which makes these UbuWeb resources invaluable

7. Mary Ellen Solt – essay on concrete poetry in the U.S., from Concrete Poetry: A World View (1968)
A blueprint for much that was, and still is, to come.

8. Nicholas Moore - Spleen: Thirty-one versions of Baudelaire's Je suis comme le roi...
A classic. Why isn’t this, and all of Moore’s work in print?

9. Hannah Weiner -- Little Books / Indians
You can never get to the bottom of Weiner’s work, and so you can never have enough of it.

10. H-Dirksen L. Bauman – Redesigning Literature – Poetics of American Sign Language Poetry
A discourse that needs to be revisited. Poetry magazine will shortly feature an exchange among poets with disabilities that we hope will open the door to further discussion.

Don Share is the editor of Poetry magazine.