Top Tens

UbuWeb Top Ten:
April 2010

Selected by Kay Rosen

1. Bas Jan Ader - Selected Works (1970-71)
2. Samuel Beckett - from Watt
3. John Cage - A Dip In the Lake
4. Hanne Darboven - Opus 17a
5. Cheryl Donegan - Kiss My Royal Irish Ass (K.M.R.I.A.)
6. Dominique Gonzales-Foerster - Parc Central - Kyoto
7. Steve Reich - Score for Pendulum Music
8. Michael Smith and Joshua White - The Musco Story: 1969-1997
9. Michael Snow - So This Is
10. Geoffrey Young - Kenny

Kay Rosen is an artist. A forty-year survey of her work Kay Rosen AKAK was recently published by Regency Arts Press. A selection of her works can be found on UbuWeb.