Top Tens

UbuWeb Top Ten
March 2014
Selected by Steve Roggenbuck

1. Assorted Street Posters
2. Charles Bernstein Reads the Yellow Pages
3. Ryan Trecartin I-Be AREA
4. Judith Copithorne Horizon [PDF]
5. Tristan Tzara Unpretentious Proclamation
6. Ron Silliman Sunset Debris [PDF]
7. Hannah Weiner Little Books/Indians [PDF]
8. Aram Saroyan Aram Saroyan
9. Gertrude Stein Reads from "The Making of Americans"
10. John Cage, "Laughtears" Part 1, Part 2

Steve Roggenbuck is the first poet to be catalogued as a meme by Know Your Meme. Watch his poem-videos at here.