Top Tens

UbuWeb Top Twenty
September 2012
Selected by People Like Us

1. Dick Higgins "Danger Music Number Seventeen" from Tellus 24 - Flux Tellus
2. Bruce Nauman "Work Work" from Raw Material
3. La Monte Young "Poem For Chairs Tables Benches" from Tellus 24 - Flux Tellus
4. Christian Bök "Ubu Hubbub" | Bök on UbuWeb
5. Gwilly Edmondez "What Do People Do All Day" from Max Kurt / Anatomical Disseminator
6. Jem Finer "Piano Pieces"
7. Komar and Melamid & Dave Soldier "The Most Unwanted Song" from The People's Choice Music
8. Wim Schippers "Stemmen AKA Voices" (1972)
9. Meredith Monk "Procession" from Airwaves
10. Sean Landers "The Man Within" | Sean Landers on UbuWeb
11. Kenneth Anger "Lucifer Rising"
12. Dick Higgins "In Memoriam" | Higgins on UbuWeb
13. Hermann Nitsch "Sunrise Music" from Das 6-Tage-Spiel Des Orgien Mysterien Theaters: 5-Tag
14. Robert Hughes "The Shock Of The New" (1982)
15. Patrick Ireland "Vowel Drawing" from from Tellus 21 "Audio By Visual Artists"
16. Kenneth Goldsmith "Fidget"
17. Charles Bernstein "1-100, 1969" | Bernstein on UbuWeb
18. Claude Closky "The First Thousand Numbers Classified In Alphabetical Order"
19. On Kawara "One Million Years"| Kawara on UbuWeb
20. John Cage "Lecture On Nothing" Performed by Kaegan Sparks

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