Top Tens

UbuWeb Top Ten
December 2013
Selected by Juliet Jacques

1.   Guillaume Apollinaire Calligrammes: Poems of Peace and War (1913-1916)
2. Germaine Dulac La coquille et le clergyman (1926)
3. Orson Welles Frozen Peas Slot
4. Delia Derbyshire & Anthony Newley Moogies Bloogies [Derbyshire on Ubu]
5. Bas Jan Ader Selected Films
6. Rosa von Praunheim Stadt der verlorenen Seelen AKA City of Lost Souls (1983)
7. Andy Warhol An Artist and His Amiga [PDF]
8. Deimantas Narkevičius The Role of a Lifetime
9. Sue Tompkins Country Grammer
10. Hito Steyerl Lovely Andrea

Juliet Jacques's December AIDS Awareness Month Picks:

1. David Wojnarowicz & Phil Zwickler Fear of Disclosure
2. Momus The Homosexual (from Tender Pervert)
3. Rosa von Praunheim Positiv
4. Reza Abdoh Sleeping with the Devil
5. David Wojnarowicz ITSOFOMO
6. Leslie Thornton Strange Space
7. Isaac Julien The Attendant
8. Yann Beauvais Still Life
9. Nan Goldin: In My Life (documentary)
10. Gerard Byrne New Sexual Lifestyles

Juliet Jacques is a contributing writer to The Guardian, The New Statesman, London Review of Books, The New Inquiry, 3:AM and other publications. She writes on literature, film, art, gender, sexuality and football.