Top Tens

UbuWeb Top Ten:
October 2009

Selected by Peter Gidal

1. Samuel Beckett - A Piece of Monologue (performed by David Warrilow (MP3)
when writing my beckettbook having heard this piece on the radio perchance one day in ny I visited david w. and he was fab!

2. Samuel Beckett - Not I (performed by Billie Whitelaw)
still one of the best theatre pieces in existence

3. John Cale - Loop (1966)
which ive loved since it first appeared with my aspen subscription in the mail at brandeis

4. Ernst Jandl - deutsches gedicht (MP3)

5. Kurt Schwitters - Ursonate (MP3)

6. Malcolm Le Grice - Berlin Horse (1970) (MP3)
just such a stunning work I literally see it whenever I can multiscreen single screen since inception....

7. Gertrude Stein - If I Told Him: A Completed Portrait of Picasso (MP3)

8. Bruce Nauman - Stamping in the Studio

9. James Joyce- Anna Livia Plurabelle (MP3)

10. Art Worker's Coalition - Open Hearing [PDF, 22mb]
speaks for itself. and reminds me of discussions with gregory battcock about warhol etc on the ss maasdam crossing atlantic, in the mid 60's.....

Peter Gidal is both the chief theorist of the 1970s film avant-garde, and its most austere image-maker. He also is the foremost exponent of British structural cinema. His films can be viewed here on UbuWeb.