Top Tens

UbuWeb Top Ten:
April 2008

Selected by Laura Beiles

1. Anita Feldman and Michael Kowalski, Riffle (1985)
2. MoMA: Writing in Time (2007)
3. Piotr Kamler, Films (1960s-90s)
4. Fortunato Depero, Verbalizzazione astratta di signora (1916)
5. Penelope Umbrico, All the Dishes on Ebay (2002-03)
6. Catherine Jauniaux & Ikue Mori, 'Smell' (1992)
7. Abbie Hoffman Makes Gefilte Fish (1973)
8. Mary Lou Green on Andy Warhol's Hair (1963)
9. Sophie Calle and Gregory Shephard, Double Blind (1992)
10. Cioni Carpi, Three Short Films (1960-62)

Laura Beiles is an associate educator in the Department of Education (Adult and Academic Programs) at The Museum of Modern Art, where she has organized programs with artists, poets, scholars, architects, and designers for seven years. In May of 2007, she received her MA in Art History from Hunter College, and received the Shuster Award for her thesis, "Creating National and International Identities: The Futurist Exhibitions at the Venice Biennale under Fascism, 1928-1942". Prior to coming to MoMA, she worked at NYU's La Pietra in Florence and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice.