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Dada Manifesto
(5th February 1920)
Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes

Before going down among you to pull out your decaying teeth, your running ears, your tounges full of sores,

Before breaking your putrid bones,
Before opeing your cholera-infested belly and taking out for use as fertilizer

your too fatted liver, your ignoble spleen and your diabetic kidneys,

Before tearing out your ugly sexual organ, incontinent and slimy,
Before extinguishing your appetite for beauty, ecstasy, sugar, philosophy,

mathematical and poetic metaphysical pepper and cucumbers,

Before disinfecting you with vitriol, cleansing you and shellacking

you with passion,

Before all that,
We shall take a big antiseptic bath,
And we warn you
We are murderers.

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