2007   NOVEMBER 29   #333


This recording is from a cassette recorded by a fellah named Lee. He was, or still is, a mental patient in the state of Nevada. He had a lot of money from an unknown source, and would buy expensive bass guitars from the guitar shop where I was working. I would talk to him and try to get info as to his life and such but he was too shy. Nice guy, mid 40s, 6'2, 170 or so pounds, Hungarian/Slavic features, fairly gray line short hair.

Lee spoke very slow with a midwestern accent. I'm guessing Kansas or Nebraska. He always rode a bike everywhere and carried an expensive bass guitar on his back. He said that he wanted to start recording songs that he had written. We all looked at each other like there was no way.

One day in 2001 when I was at work, a co-worker had run over from the large recording studio next door. Breathlessly he said that Lee was next door recording and that I had to go check it out.

Well, this is what I heard...

1 Lee One (7:04)
2 Lee Two (5:01)
3 Lee Three (7:22)
4 Lee Four (2:16)
5 Lee Five (8:51)
6 Lee Six (0:06)
7 Lee Seven (6:14)
8 Lee Eight (1:54)
9 Lee Nine (5:52)

I was so amazed and impressed I begged Lee for a tape for two weeks until he finally gave me one. He thought that his music wasn't really any good. I told him no, not only was it good, but I was going to share it with others who will love it as much as I do.

- Contributed by: Mister Dan