2007   NOVEMBER 28   #332

J Marks And Shipen Lebzelter - Rock And Other Four Letter Words

01 Other Four Letter Words (6:24)
02 Essence Of It's Own (5:44)
03 It's True (3:17)
04 Greatest Hits - Love Your Navel (2:24)
05 In The Middle Of Nothing (4:12)
06 Baked Beans (3:38)
07 They're Through (5:54)
08 Today (1:26)
09 Eine Kleine Hayakawa (1:25)
10 Do You Understand What I Am Trying To Say? (3:19)
11 Trouble (2:18)
12 Poop for Sopranos And Orchestra (7:57)
13 This Is The Word (1:43)

Rock and other four letter words: Created By J Marks and Shipen Lebzelter; Featuring a cast of thousands, Including the voices, Comments, yawns and blurbs of bunches of international rock stars and various other good people: Music to live and die by, and other zook zounds and voices of the first national nothing.

This album is dedicated to Karlheinz Stockhausen, who destroyed our ears so we could hear.

- Contributed by: The ToD

Images: Front Cover

Media: 12" LP
Artist: Many
Album: Rock And Other Four Letter Words
Label: Columbia
Catalog: MS 7193
Date: !968