2007   NOVEMBER 25   #329

Flexi Red, Flexi Blue

Here are two flexi records that I have had since i was a wee lad.

Starting off we have The Muppet Show Fan Club from 1977). A blue flexi that came with being in the official super stupendous fan club! And at that time being in the Muppet Show Fan Club was as cool as being in the KISS Army. Be in one of those and you'd have clout mister in the schoolyard.

Welcome to The Muppet Show Fan Club (3:20)

And then, a record that still to this day I know every single word, it's the official soundtrack for... the Mr. Bill Show. This red flexi was included 1979 book. You can still order the book (click here and select the "misc" section) and I'm pretty sure the audio flexi is available with it (almost 30 years later!). If you like what you hear on this flexi consider buying the book for a mere 7 bucks USD and think back (if you were alive) to the time when Mr Bill's skits were featured on Saturday Night Live! And don't touch that dial quite yet... Mr Bill (aka Walter Williams) has a wonderful blog online!

The official soundtrack for the Mr. Bill Show (Book) (4:08)

Hope you delight in these two fun flexi recordings taking you back to the late 1970s.

- Contributed by: Senor Fiesta

Images: Muppet Show, Mr. Bill Show