2007   NOVEMBER 23   #327

Peter Pan Records - Alternate Popeye Theme Tune

Popeye - Part 1 (1:42)
Popeye - Part 2 (1:44)

Peter Pan Records' Sunshine Series gives us this alternative Popeye theme tune. (I think this may be The Caroleers again, but I'm not sure.) Bizarrely, given its brief length, it abruptly cuts off in the middle, then continues on side 2. (It cuts off particularly abruptly on my copy, as there's a small skip just before the cutoff.) I guess they couldn't come up with a B-side for this one.

Prepare to have the chorus stuck in your head for days - if not for a lifetime!

Popeye the Sailor Man
Eats his spinach by the can.
No one alive is stronger than
Popeye the Sailor Man!

- Contributed by: Corey K.

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Media: 45rpm vinyl single
Album: Popeye
Label: Peter Pan Records - Sunshine Series
Catalog: PP 1074