2007   NOVEMBER 19   #323

Yippie tie jah!! Mit Tomahawk und Friedenspfeife

German cowboy tunes!! Featuring many famous German stars of the day... Gus Backus, Peter Alexander, and even James Last!! Many Americana covers here, also some original tunes including the scariest version of Ghost Riders In The Sky i have ever heard. The Max Gregor Orchestra pounds out Memphis Tennessee with a sax leading the charge and Missouri Cowboy is reminiscent of The Fendermens' Mule Skinner Blues. Gus Backus sings his huge hit "Da sprach der alte hauptling" (click here to visit my myspace profile and watch the video of the song). Enjoy!

01 Orchester Martin Bottcher - Old Shatterhand-Melodie
     Peter Alexander - High Noon (3:35)
02 Die Playboys - Geisterreiter
     Martin Lauer - Sein bestes Pferd (3:30)
03 Orchester Pete Danby - Wenn die Cowboys traumen
     Gus Backus - Da sprach der alte Hauptling (3:35)
04 Orchester Martin Bottcher - Apanatschi
     Bob und Eddy - Von den blauen Bergen kommen wir (3:41)
05 Tom-Terry-Trio - Carry Me Back To Old Virginny
     Ralf Paulsen - Mary Rose (2:00)
06 Ladi Geisler - Stormy Night Guitar
     Medium-Terzett - Winnetou
     Orchester Martin Bottcher - Winnetou Melodie (4:47)
07 Erwin Halletz - Pedro
     Oklahoma-Boys - Texas-Ranger-Melodie (2:25)
08 James Last und seine Hammond-Bar-Combo - Das gibt es nur in Texas
     Martin Lauer - Taxi nach Texas (2:47)
09 Orchester Pete Danby - Ich will 'nen Cowboy als Mann (1:36)
10 Starlet-Chor - Ja, so ein Western
     Orchester Max Greger - Memphis Tennessee (1:48)
11 Bob und Eddy - Mr. Brown aus Dixie Town
     Tom-Terry-Trio - O Susanna
     Peter Alexander & Bill Ramsey - Missouri Cowboy (Du mubt dein Pferd verkaufen) (3:48)
12 Orchester Pete Danby - O My Darling, Caroline
     Die Tramps - Weibe Taube vom Red River Valley (2:53)
13 Orchester Martin Bottcher - Old Surehand-Melodie (3:06)

- Contributed by: Evil Pain Clown

Image: Front Cover

Media: LP
Album: Mit Tomahawk und Friedenspfeife
Label: Polydor
Catalog: 249128
Credits: manufactured by Deutsche Grammophone, Hamburg
Year: 1967