2007   NOVEMBER 16   #320

The Hanoar Hazioni Singers - Artza Alinu / Jeannie Reynolds - Israel Is Her Name

The Hanoar Hazioni Singers
Artza Alinu / Yesh Rechov Aroch (2:21)
Ha Yoshevet Baganim (2:31)
Uhalu Hag'ranot / Bar Eileh Chamda Libi (2:58)
Simi Yadech (1:21)
Bnei Yerushalaim (2:13)
Shir Haletsan (2:58)
Hasela Ha'adom (3:47)
Rakefet (1:46)
Ronu, Ronu (1:25)
Shalom Chaverim (1:52)
Yashen Lo Kfarim (2:03)
Sahki, Sahki (2:31)
Hafle Vafele (2:24)
Bo Veeshak Lecha (1:16)
Nivim Dovrim (Hag) (1:11)
Yatzanu At (2:10)
Jeannie Reynolds
Israel Is Her Name (4:26)
Little Boy of Mine (3:17)

Artza Alinu is a lovely and haunting album of Israeli folk songs, recorded circa 1967 - whether before or after the Six-Day War, I don't know, though if I had to guess, I'd say not long afterwards. Check out the scans of the jacket back and transliteration/translation sheet for some context.

It is not hard to imagine that some of the singers on this album, or the Israelis pictured on the cover, could be the sons and daughters of some of the people heard singing in this moving recording of newly-liberated survivors of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

Also included is Jeannie Reynolds' Israel Is Her Name, which melodramatizes the Israeli pioneer experience, and the b-side of that single, Little Boy of Mine. Not to be confused with the soul singer who was best known for The Fruit Song, this Jeannie Reynolds appears to have been an entertainer in the Catskills.

- Contributed by: Corey K.

Images: Jacket Cover, Jacket Back, Translation & Transliteration Sheet, Label (front), Label (back), Jeannie Reynolds label (front), Jeannie Reynolds label (back), Jeannie Reynolds Remembers (jacket and label)

Media: 33rpm vinyl album
Album: Artza Alinu
Label: London International
Catalog: TW 91446
Credits: The Hanoar Hazioni Singers
Date: 1967

Media: 45rpm vinyl single
Album: Israel Is Her Name / Little Boy of Mine
Label: LM Records
Catalog: LM-100-A / LM-100-B
Credits: Jeannie Reynolds (conducted by Hal Schleifer)