2007   NOVEMBER 9   #313

Griz Green - The West of Yesteryear

01 Bonanza Strike (2:46)
02 Tomorrow Maybe (2:24)
03 O.K. Corral (2:28)
04 Little Moonbeam (2:20)
05 Dirty Dan Magoo (2:51)
06 My Home In Arizona (2:02)
07 Ghost Of The Benson Stage (3:02)
08 My Dog Rover (1:40)
09 Nathan McCoy (3:45)
10 Last Stand (2:22)
11 You Claim Jumpin' Bum (2:15)
12 Cattle Trail (1:59)

Griz Green's career as a composer and recording artist was inspired by a sad turn of events. For many years Griz was a prospector and a hard-rock minor from Arizona. His treks took him to many remote places far back into the rugged mountains. His ever faithful companion on those expeditions was a little brown flop-eared dog named "Duke."

For thirteen years for years Dukie was his constant companion. It was inevitable that the day would come when they must part

Griz lost his four footed friend in the spring of '54.

This turn of events inspired his fist song "Where Ever You Are." since '54 many songs have been composed and recorded by him. Griz is a member of S.A.G., having worked in numerous T.V. and feature productions.

There are times when "The Lonely Hills' of his first love beckon once more, then again you'll find him ever eager to go.

Needless to say some of the ballads and songs in this album could well be a part of the life he lived in those days of yesteryear.

- Contributed by: Geeter Tweekens

Images: Front Cover, Griz Green

Media: LP
Album: The West of Yesteryear
Label: Sand, of sage and sand music inc.
Catalog: C-50
Year: 1958