2007   NOVEMBER 7   #311

Ruby Short and his Dragsters - Hot Rodders Battle Rock and Roll

01 Drag Strip Doll (2:44)
02 Hot Rod (2:04)
03 Dragster Blues (2:34)
04 Wrecked T-Bird (2:36)
05 Bonneville Beat (2:17)
06 Fluster Buster (2:02)
07 Super Torque (2:24)
08 Look Out Baby (2:39)
09 Hot Rod Pad (2:33)
10 Burnt Rubber (2:32)
11 Crazy Jag (2:55)
12 Racing Pistons (2:33)

I never really understood when i bought this record that the title was Hot Rodders Battle Rock and Roll, I always thought Rock and Roll and Hot Rods go hand in hand, why fight? Well I found out when i played this record... great mid 60's rock, lots of sax, organ, your drums, your guitar... but... overpowering (pardon the pun) hot rod sound effects. Your loud mufflers, screeching tires, souped up engines. So for your driving and listening enjoyment I present Ruby Short and his Dragsters.

- Contributed by: Evil Pain Clown

Images: Front Cover, Back Cover

Media: LP
Album: Hot Rodders Battle Rock and Roll
Label: Palace Records
Catalog: p210