2007   NOVEMBER 6   #310

Joe Goldstein

1 Kismet Calypso (1:56)
2 One More Time (3:57)
3 This Is A Situation (1:42)
4 My Best Friend (3:06)

I confess I know nothing about this singer but I was impressed by his dry delivery and unusual choice of instrumentation, eg the Hawaiian-style guitar and accordian on One More Time and the one-man-band style kazoo and banjo on This Is A Situation. I don't know if Joe is a comedian or an actor but these four, presumably self-penned, songs have a comic ring about them that suggests comedy performer rather than a straight singer. If anyone knows more about the mysterious Mr Goldstein then I'd love to know.

This privately pressed EP is dated 1974, having been signed by Joe, presumably at a gig or public appearance.

- Contributed by: David Noades

Images: Front Cover, Back Cover

Media: Single EP
Label: None
Catalogue: None
Date: 1974
Credits: Produced by Mike Lobel, drawing by Betty Mayer, Design by Hal Wallis.