2007   NOVEMBER 3   #307

Picking Up Girls Made Easy!

Hey there fella! Ready to make that move, but a bit shy, eh? Have no fear, picking up girls is here! Yes, in no time you too can be swarmy, gross and be that odd duck out in a social setting. Taught by super lady master Eric "you come here often" Weber circa 1975!

Check out the amazing blog Scar Stuff for more on Weber + a scan of an ad for this album and thanks to Hyde Park Records for the front and back cover images! In 2003 on 365 the Women's Clothing Store Pick Up was featured, but now you can get your groove on with the whole album (which by the way has been file shared and posted to blogs but this way it will have a permanent resting home at WFMU and UBUWEB.

And now... start seducing...

The Street Pick Up (6:00)
Love In The Library (5:11)
Single's Bar Action (6:12)
Women's Clothing Store Pick Up (6:39)
The Ballet Is A Ball (4:08)
Museum Pick Up (5:42)
Walking The Dog (5:53)
Pick Up At The Beach (5:46)

BUT HOLD ON... before you go tearing out there on these 'exercises' i'd like to share the following public service announcements from the Seventh Day Adventist Church with you...

Sexually Transmitted Diseases? (0:30)
Sexually Transmitted Diseases?? (0:30)
Sexually Transmitted Diseases??? (0:57)
Sexually Transmitted Diseases???? (1:00)
Sexually Transmitted Diseases????? (0:31)
Sexually Transmitted Diseases?????? (0:31)
Sexually Transmitted Diseases??????? (0:31)
Sexually Transmitted Diseases???????? (0:59)
Sexually Transmitted Diseases????????? (1:00)

Now who's up to performing one of the Picking Up skits in public, video it, and send it to us so we can post it to the blog?

- Contributed by: Sid Safari